Why we’re here

Nearly 10 million second homes are unoccupied 90% of the time.

Meanwhile, most people dream of owning a second home/ investment property.  To solve this, we built Tricoastal which not only aims to expand second home ownership but also create passive income for investors. Our industry standard underwriting takes the guess work out by provide tools and insights for you to make better lifestyle investment decisions.

We aim to streamline and optimize your investment from selecting the property to day to day management while building a vibrant community of investors and home owners.
A cozy white couch next to a wooden round table, set against a serene white wall backdrop
Dining room with connected kitchen and living area for easy living

Smarter, faster.

A smarter way to second home ownership/ vacation rental investment. When optimized, a second home can increase an owner’s income by an average of 24%.

Better, together.

One of the main services we provide is matching you with other qualified investors with similar risk profile and lifestyle preferences. We want to empower people to share and diversify their investment.
Two chairs and a table in front of a thatched roof house
Peaceful property with a tree and a table in a serene countryside field

Hassle free.

We take care of all the operational tasks from legal, accounting, taxes, to day to day guest inquiries and property management. Also design, furnishing and manage renovation projects.
Performance History

With a decade of expertise in real estate investment management

The TriCoastal team has a proven track record in developing and maintaining successful capital growth strategies within the vacation rental market. Our previous portfolio, featuring 65+ properties, has consistently yielded impressive annual returns of approximately 15% or more for investors.

Meet our team

Meet our team

Portrait of C Rokelle Sun
Founder & Managing Member
C. Rokelle Sun
Rokelle, inspired by the profound impact of an investment property on her life, founded TriCoastal to make owning a second home a reality for more, sharing the joys of home away from home with a wider audience.

She has over a decade of entrepreneurial experience in real estate development and equity investment. Prior starting TriCoastal, Rokelle co-founded Prism Capital Partners LLC and Greenland Funds USA LLC, focused on special situation private equity in real estate investing and sustainable residential development. Demonstrating a proven track record, Rokelle excels in creating and sustaining successful capital growth strategies, particularly in navigating special situation investments and thriving in highly volatile markets. She has built and managed a eight figure portfolio of single family homes and vacation rentals. Rokelle holds a masters of science in Real Estate Development + Design from UC Berkeley; complemented by studies in Entrepreneurship and New Venture Finance at the HAAS School of Business.
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Portrait of Andrew Warren
Director of Acquisitions
Andrew S. Warren
Andrew S. Warren leads an investment sales team, specializing in the sales and listings of single-family homes, hospitality/venues, and condominiums. With a diverse clientele that includes busy professionals, high net worth individuals, syndication, hedge funds, family trusts, private equities, and overseas investors from Asia, Andrew brings a wealth of experience and a global perspective to his role.

Bringing over 20 years of industry expertise, Andrew combines a proven track record with solid relationships to offer clients unparalleled market insight, strategic advice, and stellar performances. In his current role at TriCoastal, he leverages his extensive experience to deliver first-class services, characterized by a results-driven, trustworthy, effective, and efficient approach. Andrew excels in representing clients in both investment purchases and listings, providing expert advisory services to meet their unique needs.
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